Safety Consultants

We work with your Management team right on the job site to ease the burden put on them by safety regulations.

Site Safety Inspections

We inspect job sites and report problems that we see to company management. This prevents problems when plant personnel and other management contractors find fault with the safe job procedure of your company. Our inspections can help prevent downtime in production by taking care of potential problems before they arise.

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    Safety Supervisors

    We provide highly trained Safety Supervisors and Temporary Safety Specialists for General Industry and Construction Sites and provide a means of assuring your employees that workplace safety is important to your organization.

    Training Classes

    Our training classes provide result-oriented technical and management training. Every C.S.S.I. course is uniquely developed and designed to effectively address the concerns and interests of the course participants.

    Nationwide On-Site
    Safety Supervisor & Safety Staffing Experts


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