Temporary Safety Specialists for General Industry and Construction Sites
Temporary Safety Specialists for General Industry and Construction Sites Temporary Safety Specialists (TSS) and contract safety supervisors are becoming increasingly popular on job sites where cost constraints prevent having a full time safety technician available on staff. TSS provide a means of assuring your employees that workplace safety is important to your organization.

Safety Supervisors and TSS are trained and skilled individuals helping organizations meet regulatory compliance, improve productivity, assist in accident prevention, analyze safety programs and effectively improving your bottom line by mitigating potential hazards. Utilizing a Temporary Safety Specialist from C.S.S.I. on your next project can:

  • Improve production
  • Improve employee performance
  • Improve Regulatory compliance with OSHA
  • Facilitate the avoidance of work-place accidents and help your firm become more competitive in the future by improving your bottom line through accident loss prevention.

Construction Safety Services, Inc. (C.S.S.I.) can supply your organization with safety and environmental support personnel. Our TSS are highly skilled and motivated individuals who are dedicated in working with labor and industry. Our TSS can help to get work completed in a safe and effective cost manner and are always striving to meet our customer's expectations.

Each TSS and safety supervisor has a diverse and wide range of knowledge, practical work foundation, and is knowledgeable in General Industry, Construction, OSHA Standards and applicable State and Federal EPA Regulations. Each TSS is supported with the resources available from C.S.S.I. These resources, with over 100 years of combined construction, environmental and industrial safety experience, include:

  • Technician Engineers
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Managers
  • Certified Construction Safety Managers
  • Technicians
  • Industrial Hygienists
  • Project Managers

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