Safety Training Seminars for General Industry and Construction Sites 
Construction Safety Services, Inc. (C.S.S.I.) training courses provide result -oriented technical and management training. Every C.S.S.I. course is uniquely developed and designed to effectively address the concerns and interests of the course participants.

The technicians from C.S.S.I. are experienced in working with labor and management in helping companies meet regulatory compliance, improving productivity, assisting in accident prevention, analyzing safety training courses and programs, and helping companies improve their bottom line.

Each C.S.S.I. training course and program is designed to meet the needs of our customer.

The resources of C.S.S.I. include technician Engineers, Certified Hazardous Materials Managers, Certified Safety Managers, Instructors, Technicians, Industrial Hygienists. The technicians of C.S.S.I. represent over 100 years of combined construction and industrial safety, health, environmental and engineering experience.

The following is a list of seminars that C.S.S.I. offers:

1 Day - OSHA Reporting and Record Keeping / OSHA Inspections

This seminar focuses on an introduction to the records, reports and notices that OSHA requires as part of the employer's obligation to comply with safety and health standards. The course will also discuss OSHA's authorization to conduct workplace inspections, issue citations and penalties for alleged violations.

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4 Hour - Personal Protective Equipment / Effective Tool Box Meetings Seminar

This seminar focuses on the need to understand why a hazard assessment of the workplace must be accomplished. From such an assessment, a determination can be made to select personal protective equipment and provide effective tool box meetings on how this equipment is to be used.

6 Hour - Respiratory Protection / Medical Qualifications Seminar

This seminar focuses on the use of various types of respirators used when effective engineering controls are not feasible. Requirements for a written program, a program for the maintenance and care of respirators and medical qualifications will be discussed.

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4 Hour - Ladders / Scaffolding / Fall Protection Seminar

This seminar focuses on the terminology used when assessment is made to determine if scaffolding is built safely. Inspection guidelines for both ladders and scaffolding are discussed and a hands-on opportunity to wear fall protection equipment is offered.

6 Hour - Confined Space Competent Person Seminar

This seminar focuses on employees required to enter into confined or enclosed spaces. Classroom participants will have the opportunity to conduct a job hazard analysis. Also, a variety of contaminant detection, oxygen deficient atmospheric testing devices and rescue-equipment will be on display.

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8 Hour - Lockout / Tagout Seminar

This seminar focuses on a review and discussion of controls that are to be deactivated during the course of work on energized or de-energized equipment or circuits and of controls when re-energizing equipment.

8 Hour - Trenching and Excavation / Competent Person Seminar

Collapsing trenches can bury workers alive. This can be prevented by shoring trenches, or sloping trench sides, as they are dug to prevent collapse. Participants will become familiar with: excavation terminology, general requirements, such as JULIE, requirements for protective systems and responsibilities of a competent person. From seminar participation exercises, participants will be able to make a preliminary decision for the selection of protection systems.

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OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Seminar

Since safe conditions depend on identifying and correcting hazards, periodic inspections are one of the most important aspects of a successful safety and health program. This seminar will provide participants with an introduction to considerations particular to the Safety and Health Regulations for Construction - 29 CFR Part 1926.

OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety Seminar

This seminar is recommended for the training of Management and Superintendents. Providing more in depth information required to adhere to OSHA standards, the 30- hour training focuses on more technical aspects of Site Safety Management for construction sites.

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3 Hour - Hazard Communication Seminar

The most frequently cited OSHA standard by the U.S. Department of Labor in 1994 came from Hazard Communication. This seminar will focus on the elements of an adequate written plan and the importance of employee training with respect to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

4 Hour - Blood Borne Pathogens Safety Seminar

Janitorial / custodial personnel, medical waste handlers, healthcare technicians and related personnel who may be exposed to potentially infectious materials will benefit from this seminar. Training materials can identify those employees who may be at risk to contact diseases, such as HIV (AIDS) and Hepatitis B, and can help them understand how to protect themselves from possible exposure.

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1 Day - CPR / First Aid Seminar

Accidents, illnesses and medical emergencies of any kind can cause interference with normal respiration and can result in oxygen deficiency and deprivation. This seminar will prepare employees for an emergency at the workplace or at home. You never know when you may be needed to help someone in distress. Learning basic first aid procedures can mean the difference between life and death. For example, bleeding may be stopped by applying pressure to the wound. The participants will learn the body's pressure points and how to tie a pressure bandage.

2- 6 Hour - Asbestos / Lead Awareness Seminar

This seminar focuses on hazardous substances regulated by OSHA that are found in the workplace and represent a danger to the health and welfare of the employee. In addition to the OSHA standards for hazardous substances, the EPA has two important laws that also are directed toward preventing and controlling the side effects of hazardous substances. Overexposure to asbestos and lead can create severe health problems. Training provided in this workshop will familiarize attendees to the regulatory standards, know the proper protective clothing and equipment required, how to prepare the work area, how to cleanup a contaminated area and how to remain safe during all of these procedures.

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2- 8 Hour - Electrical Hazard Seminar

This seminar discusses the fundamentals of electricity, hazards in the workplace and the use of electric powered tools and equipment. Other instruction is geared to electrical workers, covering the proper use of protective clothing, safety equipment and tracking special skills for handling high-tension wires, power plant equipment, etc., which may be encountered in either the construction or general industrial workplace.

8 Hour - Scaffold Competent Person

Construction Safety Services Inc. offers scaffold competent person training through the Scaffold Training Institute. This course is designed to assist in satisfying OSHA training requirements as defined in 29 CFR 1926.454. John Palmer a world-renowned scaffold expert and UL/ANSI scaffold technical board member authored this course.

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1- 3 Hour - Scaffold User Training

Construction Safety Services Inc. offers scaffold user training through the Scaffold Training Institute. This course is designed to assist in satisfying OSHA training requirements as defined in 29 CFR 1926.454. John Palmer a world-renowned scaffold expert and UL/ANSI scaffold technical board member authored this course.

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