Construction Safety Services, Inc. (C.S.S.I.) is an on-site Safety Specialist company serving the construction industry. Established in 1996, we work with companies as small as two employees and as large as 10,000 employees. C.S.S.I. Safety Specialists are experienced in working with labor and management, regulatory compliance, process safety management, accident prevention and investigation, program development and implementation. We are experienced with OSHA.

Safety Specialists on staff are skilled in the field of Occupational Safety and Health. C.S.S.I.'s Safety Specialists have been carefully selected from numerous industries including chemical, oil refinery, nuclear and power generation. We have screened the industry for the best qualified employees. C.S.S.I. can assist in developing, implementing, administrating and analyzing your company's safety program. We can also provide safety audits, safety inspections and various testing services.

We provide on-site Safety Specialists to assist our customers in the administration and implementation of their safety program on both long and short-term projects. Since 1996, C.S.S.I. has provided on-site Safety Specialists ready to support 24/7 in any work environment. Our Safety Specialists can help satisfy demanding owners and insurance requirements, including OCIP/CCIP.

The clients and owners of construction projects have demanded knowledgeable and qualified Safety Specialists. Do you have a qualified Safety Specialist to put on each project? Can you afford to hire someone for only a short-term project? Do you have the time to find a qualified Safety Specialist experienced in your industry?

C.S.S.I. can provide you the right Safety Specialist for your project with an employee base of over 40 professionals. Our Specialists work in all fields of construction, such as power generation, nuclear, steel mills, auto plants, aviation, refineries, chemical and numerous others.

We provide a Safety Specialist that has the right experience and right attitude for you and your client. All C.S.S.I. Safety Specialists are full time employees of C.S.S.I. We do not use subcontractors or so called “Free Lance” Safety Specialists. You will have no worries about 1099 issues, workers’ compensation insurance, errors and omissions, general and professional liability coverage. Our team is ready and willing to assist your company on your project. Please feel free to give us a call at 888-755-CSSI (2774).

• On-Site Safety Specialists (Short and Long Term)
• Project Safety Management (Short and Long Term)
• Construction Site Safety Audits
• OSHA Compliance
• Staff Augmentation to your pre-existing Safety Department
• Confined Space Entry Monitoring and Permitting
• Full or Part-Time
• New Hire Orientations
• Experience in State and Federal Employment Requirements
• Tool Box Talks
• Nuclear
• Refinery/Chemical
• Auto Plants
• Coal Fired Powerhouses
• Co-Generation Facilities
• Steel Mills
• Commercial
• Public Facilities (e.g. schools, hotels, stores, etc.)
• Wind Energy (wind farms)
• Aviation

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